Pedicure Salon And Spa Tips

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pedicure Salon and Spa Tips

Mani-Pedi’s are the rage… So many salons to choose from…But do you ever think about the health risk? Some salons are quite diligent about sanitizing instruments and foot spas but not all are. What can you do to ensure the health of your nails? Below are 10 tips to consider before getting that next mani-pedi.

1. Make sure the salon has a license

2. Ask your podiatrist for referral to a trusted salon

3. Ask the technician to use new, single-use files and buffers on your nails. 

4. Be aware. Arrive early to watch how foot spas are cleaned between customers. If they’re not disinfected between each person, leave. 

5. Just ask. A salon worker should be able to tell you how their foot spas are cleaned and maintained. 

6. Check yourself. It’s not safe to use a foot spa if you have broken skin, so check for cuts, scabs, bug bites and scratches before you show up for your pedicure. It’s best not to use any hair-removal treatment — waxing, shaving or depilatories — in the 24 hours before. 

7. Say “no” to cuticle sticks. The cuticle is the skin barrier from the inside of your body to the outside world…pushing back or cutting the cuticle puts you at risk for infection. Even if the instruments are sterile, it is the act of manipulating the cuticle that puts you in danger.

8. Consider bringing your own stuff. If you’re concerned that the salon might not be sterilizing every tool between uses — and how do you clean a pumice stone, exactly? — bring your own instruments with you, such as pumice stones, nail files, nail buffers.

9. Schedule a pedicure during less busy times. The salon will likely stay on top of their cleaning practices when it’s not a zoo inside. A weekday morning is a smarter choice than a Saturday afternoon. 

10. Don’t get a nail technician to do a podiatrist’s job. If you have calluses that require work, a podiatrist is better trained to address them than a nail technician. Don’t allow anything beyond a gentle callus-filing at the salon.

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